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Get The Only Resource Available On Deferring Capital Gains Taxes Without 1031 Restrictions Or Trustee Commissions

Dear Fellow Investor ~

Is selling real estate, a business, or crypto for significant profits in your future?

If so, you can defer caital gains taxes for your entire lifetime without reinvestment restrictions with a commission-free Deferred Sales Trust (DST).

Imagine that for a second!

Do you want to make an additional fortune on top of your capital gains from decades of compounding returns of legally retained capital gains taxes?

If you do, then this is the most important letter you'll ever read on the subject.

I'm gonna tell you exactly how in just a second.

But First . . . A Disclaimer:

This financial strategy is for educational purposes only.

It's a white paper, not a attorney or CPA substitute.  

The purpose of this white paper is to educate the curious, intelligent investor on a little-known strategy to blow up your ROI when selling investment property using the shrewdest, most profitable capital gains tax strategy you've never heard of.  

This white paper will make short, economic work of creating your very own Deferred Sales Trust, or "DST".

With that said, let me show you . . .

Exactly What You're Getting

Chances are you've never heard of commission-free DST.  That's because financial professionals aren't taught them, and they certainly don't offer them. There's no money in commission-free DSTs - for them.

My white paper is dramatically different from anything you've ever seen before on the subject because it's the only available field guide for commission-free DSTs.

There's no fluff.  There's no filler.

I immediately go to brass tacks, showing you exactly what to do, and how to do it, in order to get the highest ROI you never imagined possible on every sale by compounding interest on retained taxes without reinvestment restrictions.

Plus, it's easy to read.

At just 77 pages, you can read it in an afternoon.  And, I promise you, it will be the most profitable afternoon of your life.

You'll immediately "get" the entire commission-free DST strategy used by the savvy few investors in the know.

Your DST is your middleman that pays you an installment note you've prearranged, with interest, in exchange for the property trust transfer.

Then your DST sells that property to the buyer, retaining and reinvesting the sale proceeds - including the capital gains taxes normally paid to the IRS - which allows the compounding of a fortune greater than the gain on the property over decades that may otherwise be lost.

And unlike other capital gains tax strategies - such as the 1031like-kind exchange - you're not shackled by reinvestment restrictions.

Your DST trust can strategically sit in cash waiting for your next moonshot opportunity, or reinvest in real estate alternatives to your heart's content.

The sky's the limit.

The strategy is approved by Section 453 of the IRS code and its legitimacy has been expressly confirmed by the IRS and courts.  It's been around since last century.

But because financial firms can't get rich selling commission-free DSTs they don't market them or even teach them to their salesmen.

So DSTs remain a mystery to the general investing plebs.  But no longer to you.

That's probably why you've heard all about 1031 exchanges, but have never heard of a commission-free Deferred Sales Trust.

And if your one of the few  that have heard of DSTs I gaurantee it's though DST corporate shops selling their 1.5% (per year!) DST trustee services.

This white paper is the only resource available, on commission-free DSTs that shows you how to appoint your own little-to-no-cost  trustee - like your trusted friend.

download white paperHere's a little taste of some of what's inside and what it will mean for your family's net worth:

green checkmark BEST NEWS EVER:  

This Is The ONLY Place On Planet You Can Learn To Save A Fortune By Appointing Your Own Private Little-To-No Cost DST Trustee

All other investors going to boutique DST corporate shops are paying 1.5% of the value of their entire DST trust every year in corporate trustees commissions.  Good Lord!

That's paying real estate agent level commissions every year after year.

And that commission is calculated on all sale proceeds - capital gains, principal, and even gains made by your DST.

With corporate boutique DST shops you not only lose 1.5% a year commission, but, tragically, you lose a much bigger fortune in lost opportunity costs of the compounding wealth on that unnecessary vig.

They would never enlighten you how to set up a DST legally appointing your own trusted friend as trustee, but I'm about to!

With the white paper you will gain the exclusive know-how to appoint your own private trustee in Chapter 3.

This knowledge is exclusive to my white paper and that know-how is worth a very literal and substantial fortune.

If you appoint a trusted friend that can serve as trustee for just a few hours a year (or a qualified family member - like an in-law), your DST trustee cost will be minimal, if not zero.

Your trust can keep that entire expense for itself, compounding another tremendous fortune for your family.

How much?

 In decades-long DST trusts the compounded ROI from commission savings alone will dwarf the capital gain on the originally transferred property!  Depending on the amount of the capital gain and the length of term of the trust, the new fortune gained may be many times your original capital gain because of the power of compounding retained capital gain taxes, commission-free.

Want in?

Even if you paid your private trustee handsomely by the hour, it wouldn't cost anywhere near the boutique DST corporate shop trustee charges of 1.5% of the entire value of the trust in commissions year after year after year.  

green checkmark EXACTLY HOW LONG CAN YOU DEFER PAYING CAPITAL GAINS?  The short answer is your life expectancy.  The full answer is on page 14.

CHECKYou'll learn the many ways that you, as grantor, can legally benefit from the DST trust - beyond just the installment note payments and interest on page 15.

checkYou will know why DSTs can't save tax on gains over $5 million and what to do to protect amounts above that threshold on page 18.

checkYou will learn what to do to protect the capital gains your DST makes within the trust on page 19 (you can't just leave it in the DST and defer the tax on trust-made capital gains).

Rein In Trust Costs & Compound Another Fortune!

checkYou will learn how to find attorney, CPA, trustee and protector professionals who will work by the hour and not by the vig in Chapter 3.

checkYou will also learn in Chapter 3 how to balance the power within the DST so a trustee nor protector will ever have enough power to do the wrong thing without getting fired for being rouge. This very rarely happens, but you may want the power within your DST trust to handle these problems and avoid expensive court litigation.

checkYou will learn in Chapter 4 why DSTs are financially far superior to other tax favored strategies like 1031 exchanges, Qualified Opportunity Zones, Solo 401(k)s, Delaware Statutory Trusts, and Charitable Remainder Trusts.

check In Chapter 5 you will learn the secret sauce of trust investments including the power of trust infinite banking, how DST trusts should participation in the commodities supercycle, and how to create low-risk synthetic dividends from rock star trust stocks and digital assets.

checkFinally, in Chapter 6 you will learn the power of a hand up rather than the soul crushing mistake of creating entitlements in the life and psyche of trust beneficiaries so the trust will become a family blessing rather than the common curse.

An Advanced Strategy For Turning Capital Gains Tax Into IRS OPM


As much as the boutique DST corporate crowd likes to complicate DSTs, they're really quite simple.

Have you ever heard of someone acting as their own trustee for their Living Trust?

You can't serve as your own trustee in a DST.  An irrevocable trust requires an independant trustee.  But otherwise the trustee duties are similar, and just as easy and doable by your trusted friend of moderate intelligence.

Here it is:

Step 1.  Fill out and sign the DST trust contract selecting the terms that you want.

Step 2.  Transfer the property to the DST in exchange for your installment note.

Step 3.  Your Trustee sells the property to the 3rd party buyer.

Step 4.  Your Trustee  invests all sale proceeds including retained capital gains taxes as directed in your DST.

Step 5.  Your Trustee distributes installment payments to you and trust income and assets to your beneficiaries as you've directed in your DST (or the DST can retain them and just grow, baby, grow for as long as you have directed in your DST).

Step 6.  Your Trustee hires a CPA to file DST taxes.

That's it.  Six steps to new riches!

You got this!

I sell my white paper on Amazon.  It's the #1 book for Deferred Sales Trusts.  And it's worth expotentially more that it cost.

This is the only place you can get this knowledge without cost.

Download my white paper now.

Time Is Of The Essence

Here's why.

I'm on a mission to democratize commission-free DSTs.  With my legal education and background it's what I can do wtih my life to best bring value to to fellow investors.  This is my life's purpose, and I get enormous satisfaction bringing this value.  

I'm taking a loss by just giving it away here.  It costs me $43.04 in advertising, on average, for each white paper sold.  At least selling it through Amazon, I get some of that back.

Why would I do that?


I want to create such a valuable experience that I earn your appreciation and trust - so you will be open to extremely important financial gems I have in store for you - like the world's only fill-in pdf DST template!

I have more very important wealth building insights for my DST community that you will be remiss to miss.

I'm hedging my bets that my white paper will deliver so much life-changing financial value that you will not miss out on my work of ingenious financial strategies I've unleashed that will benefit you even more.

I building a long-term, value based financial community of like-minded souls, and this is your chance to be in it.

Pretty straight forward.

Want more?

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I cannot continue this offer if it makes no cents (pun intended).

Fair enough?

This Is A Limited Time Offer So Claim This Bounty Before I Pull It

Thanks for taking the time to read my offer.  I look forward to seeing you in the DST tribe soon!

Join for my white paper, video series and perk tax strategies now.  You'll likely never see this opportunity again.

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P.S.  In case you're one of those people like me who just skips to the end of the letter, here's the cliffs notes:

Your getting my comlementary white paper that reveals everything you need to know about commission-free Deferred Sales Trusts, how it is the best capital gains tax strategy available, and what you need to do to get one going yourself.

You pay nothing.

*** I'm also giving you exclusive access to my 2-part video series on DSTs, and another perk insight on legally avoiding US income taxes. ***

It is a very limited offer because I'm running a market test.  If this doesn't end up making financial sense I'll pull this offer down without further notice.

Claim this collection now.   You'll thank me later.

ok.  Why are you still reading this?  It's over.  Download my shit already, and I'll see you inside - where it's warm.  There's no blooper reel at the end here.  If I could make the screen go black, I would.  Chop chop.  See you inside.

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